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Our Professional Independent Consultants. “Provide You with the Best Investment, Insurance & Medical Aid Advice”

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Life Insurance

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Karen our Specialist Medical Aid Consultants, will find you the right cover at the right price


Your Investments and Business Assets deserve  a specialists attention, speak to John

Our Professional Independent Consultants.. “Provide You with the Best Investment, Insurance & Medical Aid Advice”

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the right Medical Aid for me?

This is a big question and there could be many answers.  We need to know more about you please fill in our contact form and one of us will phone you back

My Car is not worth very much do I need Comprehensive Insurance?

The answer is probably not, however we would like to know how valuable is this car to you?  do you use it for going to work? How would your life be different if the car was written off and you had no funds to replace it?

I am 55 years old is it too late to invest in a Pension Fund?

This is a great question and one we often get asked.  The worlds economy haws affected people badly for quite a while and many are still without pensions.  We have a number of solutions that we feel will provide you with some kind of a nest egg and are affordable. Book an appointment and one of our brilliant Financial Advisers will talk to you in private and map out a future for you.

What Others Are Saying

Sweidan's Consultants are the best

karen newKaren Howard is an absolute Professional she is always available, and is so kind.  She really cares about her people.

She has helped me so much through all our Medical Aid queries, without her guidance I would have made some very poor decisions – thank you Karen !”

Anick Allsop Sweidan

Anick is beyond brilliant, when life had sent me a curved ball and I thought that was it, I am now done, finished - Anick helped me see the light.

Today I am back on top of my finances and can see a future - Anick will never know the depth of my gratitude.

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